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NH1 Charities and Binnie Media announced that it is expanding its charitable giving, committing to a wider and further reaching effort to help children, veterans and those in need throughout New Hampshire. NH1 Charities will pledge over $1 million dollars in media promotion through WBIN-TV, NH1 News and the 16 members of the Binnie Media Radio Group.


Bill Binnie, President of NH1 and WBIN-TV stated “We are pleased to announce new partnerships with New Horizons in Manchester, the Boys of Girls Club of Central New Hampshire and the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. We are actively seeking new media partnerships with great non-profits to feed more kids, support our veterans and help more people in need” adding “We are committed to New Hampshire and we are expanding our efforts.”


Chris Emond, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Central New Hampshire, stated: “We are thrilled to have a media partner in Binnie Media and the NH1 Charities. They understand New Hampshire and will deliver our message of providing opportunities for every child in NH into the living rooms, cars and workplaces around our great State. Together we will make a difference in a child’s life.”


“New Horizons is excited to have a media partner in NH1 and Binnie Media.  Fighting hunger and homelessness is our mission.  We are thrilled that NH1 and Binnie Media understands this effort and are willing to help. They are a great organization doing wonderful things for NH. We look forward to working with NH1 to talk about great events like the 2nd Annual NH Brewfest coming back this summer!” Charlie Sherman, Executive Director of New Horizons for New Hampshire, said in a statement.


Binnie concluded by saying “We have been contacted by dozens of worthy organizations from every corner of NH. We are going to try to help and make a difference in as many lives as we can. We have helped raise millions of dollars for worthy charities and we want to do even more.”


For details on how you can help or if your organization wishes to submit a request for media assistance, visit NH1.com and click on the tab “NH1 Charities.”

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