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NH1 News is online, on your mobile device, and on the radio. Take advantage of the power that NH1 News has by advertising your business with us. The NH1 marketing experts will help you create a campaign that utilizes all of these media to get the attention from New Hampshire news consumers that will jump start your sales!

We can create a dynamic campaign on, radio commercials on more than a dozen radio stations including WJYY-FM, WFNQ-FM, WLNH-FM, WNHW-FM, WNNH-FM (99.1 NH1 News), WXLF/WZLF-FM, WBYY-FM, WTSN-FM as well as on the NH1 Mobile App. Experienced marketing professionals can help you identify the right targeted audience, customizing your message while using multi-media platforms to create the most impactful campaigns.

Contact us for your marketing consultation. Our goal is to reach the most potential consumers in your targeted audience for the best return on your investment! Find out how easy and effective advertising with NH1 can be!

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